New Research Program: ACTION

19 August 2016 08:27

(updated: 19 August 2016 09:05)

New Research Program: ACTION

As the FOCUS program is coming to an end, new and interesting research programs has sprung out. One of the new programs is called the “ACTION” (Accounting, Change and Tool Implementations in Organizations) project, and the themes are management control and change capacity in large organizations.

The focus of this new research program will be on how to handle the balance between autonomy and control and it will be running from 2016 to 2018. It will be carried out with Katarina Kaarbøe as program manager.

There have been previous studies on how performance measurements create increased dynamics and better balance in a business. Now, the program will focus on change in governing documents and how this plays a part in creating a good balance between autonomy and control, which will subsequently give the business, increased efficiency.

The project is already underway and has hired two PhD students who are doing their empirical part at Statoil. To support the program, two other projects have been started. The first one is a sub project, which is in carried out in collaboration with Stockholm School of Economics and Associate Professor Kalle Kraus. The other is a comparative PhD project. In addition, the program will be hiring a postdoctoral researcher this fall.

We are looking forward to seeing this program develop and you will be able to read more about it on the blog when it has started.

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