Gooderham won "Outstanding Author Contribution 2018"

9 August 2018 10:25

Gooderham won "Outstanding Author Contribution 2018"

Professor Paul Gooderham’s article published in Advances in International Management 30 has been selected by the Emerald’s editorial team as an Outstanding Author Contribution in the 2018 Emerald Literati Awards.

The article 'New Business Models In-The-Making in Extant MNCs: Digital Transformation in a Telco' is written with co-authors Àngels Dasí, Frank Elter and Torben Pedersen.

It was chosen as a winner as it is one of the most exceptional pieces of work the Emerald’s editorial team has seen throughout 2017.

The article is written as part of the BIA-project Cross-Border Value Creation, which is funded by The Research Council of Norway and the industrial partners Deloitte, DNB, Laerdal Medical and Telenor


In recent years, we can observe the emergence of firms, born both digital and global, that have disrupted existing industries. Deploying digital technologies, they have developed innovative value chains and business models that threaten established multinational companies (MNCs). In this chapter, we examine how MNCs can and do respond to the challenge digital technologies represent. We describe the main facets of digital technologies and discus the potential these have to undermine the value chains and business models of established MNCs. In order to illustrate this, we employ longitudinal data from Telenor, a leading multinational mobile telecom company. Telenor perceives digitalization as a critical threat that in turn is causing a radical rethink about the viability of its decentralized, locally responsive value chain and business model. Our data provides insights into business models in-the-making at the top management level. We argue that the case of Telenor is generalizable to multi-domestic MNCs across a range of industries.