For students

For students

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  • Pricing in a digital age

    Pricing in a digital age

    Digitalization, artificial intelligence and machine learning give rise to new possibilities in the determination of prices. Big data opens up possibilities for increased price differentiation towards customers. How does this affect which types of data that is utilized and how the data is being processed? To date, there is a lack of research delving into these issues. Therefore, this study aims to map the use of new technology in one or several industries. Methodologically, this can be done through a survey or qualitative case studies.

    Supervisor: Professor Trond Bjørnenak:

  • Balanced scorecards and performance measurement in the hospitality sector

    Balanced scorecards and performance measurement in the hospitality sector

    The balanced scorecard (BSC) is one of the most widely used tools for performance measurement. We are looking for students who are interested in examining the design and use of balanced scorecards (BSCs) in the hospitality sector, primarily hotels but could also be broadened to other businesses in this sector. The research literature in hospitality management has identified important research gaps and the need for more studies on BSCs in this sector of the economy (e.g. Sainaghi, Philips, & Corti, International Journal of Hospitality Management, 34: 150-159, 2013). A parallel discussion in management accounting emphasizes the importance of the industry context to management accounting practice (e.g. Messner, Management Accounting Research, 31: 103-111, 2016).   

    In this project the students will, in close collaboration with the supervisor, collect and analyze data to increase our knowledge about how BSCs are designed and used in a specific industry context, the hospitality sector. Some knowledge of Norwegian is preferable, since the study will collect primary data from companies on the basis of interviews and/or a questionnaire. The master thesis can be written in Norwegian or English.

    Supervisor: Associate professor Daniel Johanson:

  • Artificial Intelligence and management control

    Artificial Intelligence and management control

    In this project we are focusing on artificial intelligence (AI) and management control. AI is defined as a computational agent who processes, analyzes and acts on the basis of data in an intelligent way. These systems vary in complexity, but can usually perform tasks that entail visual perception, voice recognition, translation between languages and decision-making.

    In regards to the accounting department, some commentators now view this department as the digital finance organization, as the accounting department own and manage a large amount of relevant business information. By utilizing the available business data, there are immense opportunities to base decisions on real-time data, which in turn might lead to better decisions. In this thesis, we specifically want to research the use of intelligent automation through robot technology in providing these basic data. The research area is still emerging. Hence, we have to ask explorative questions like the following:

    • In what tasks/processes do organizations utilize AI?
    • Does use of AI yield any real competitive advantage?
    • What is the organizations understanding of the concept AI? Do they all have the same understanding of the technology or does it differ?
    • What is the organizations expectation to the outcomes of AI initiatives?
    • Do organizations have a strategy for AI/automation?

    We are seeking master students who can contribute to clarifying different aspects of the implementation of AI in administrative control systems. It is not decided what company you will study, but it will be one that has experience in using technology of this kind.

    Supervisors: Professor Katarina Kaarbøe and PhD research scholar Andreas Ulfsten

    Do you want to know more? Contact or

  • Digitalization and Business Control

    Digitalization and Business Control

    Digitalization and integration of data through data warehouse technology creates eased access to information – both historical and real-time. In this project, we are interested in how this explosion in information available will change the role of business controllers. Moreover, this study will investigate how requirements from business controllers will change. The alterations emanating from the emergence of digitalization are likely to affect the technical skill-set required. In addition, the optimal educational background and experience may look different in the future due to these changes.

    The study will be an field study. The empirical setting will be in the business control department of DOF Subsea. DOF Subsea is a large, global provider of subsea solutions to the offshore energy industry, headquartered in Bergen. It will be relevant to assess the background and formal competence of business controllers in DOF and to understand how the business control function in DOF Subsea has adapted to the changing environment. Building on the findings from such questions, you are – among other things – expected to outline proposed changes to the recruitment policies in DOF Subsea for the business controller role.

    Supervisor: Professor Trond Bjørnenak:

The application can be written in Norwegian or English. Submit the application to our PhD research scholar Dan-Richard Knudsen:


  • Your advisor will be very dedicated to the topic and your work. People will be waiting to hear the results (advisor, research team and industry people)
  • We have established relationships with corporate partners and networks, so in most cases we can help you with access. Although not all topics require access. Sometimes you can write your thesis on existing data.
  • You’ll become a part of a team. A team of researchers and a team of master students. We arrange meetings for you to network, and to challenge and support each other.

 The deadline for applying is 15 October.


  • Thesis advisor from the research project
  • Each master thesis will get a compensation of 10.000 NOK which can be used to cover costs related to writhing the thesis, e.g. travel expenses and other related expenses.

Requirements and qualifications:

  • GPA of B or higher
  • Students who major in Business Analysis and Performance Management (BUS), Strategic Management (STR) and International Business (INB) are prioritized.
  • Good communication skills. You are expected to present your results for the research group.


  • Please submit your transcript of records, what courses you are enrolled in this semester and 2 pages where you describe how you want to conduct your research. The application can be written in Norwegian or English. Submit the application to our PhD research scholar Dan-Richard Knudsen:


  • Deadline for submission of application: 15 October 2018