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Finans Bergen has awarded publications bonuses for the following research:

Latest publications

Authors Title Publication

Konrad Raff and Linus Siming

Knighthoods, Damehoods, and CEO Behaviour

Journal of Corporate Finance, 2016 - Forthcoming

Su, Xunhua, Zhang, Li

A Re-examination of Credit Rationing in the Stiglitz and Weiss Model

Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, forthcoming.

Chi, Daniel and Xunhua Su

The dynamics of performance volatility and firm valuation

Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, forthcoming

Bakke, Einar, Tore Leite and Karin S. Thorburn

Partial Adjustment to Public Information in the Pricing of IPOs

Journal of Financial Intermediation, forthcoming

Eckbo, B. Espen, Tanakorn Makaew, and Karin S. Thorburn

Are stock-financed takeovers opportunistic?

Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming

Nils Friewald, Rainer Jankowitsch, Marti G. Subrahmanyam

Transparency and Liquidity in the Structured Product Market

Review of Asset Pricing Studies, 2017.

Santos, Francisco

IPO market timing with uncertain aftermarket retail demand

Journal of Corporate Finance, 2017, 42, 247-266

Eckbo, B. Espen, Karin S. Thorburn and Wei Wang

How costly is corporate bankruptcy for the CEO?

Journal of Financial Economics, 2016, 121 (1), 210-229

Koskinen, Yrjo and Joril Maeland

Innovation, Competition and Investment Timing

Review of Corporate Finance Studies, 2016, 5(2), 166-199

Lindset, Snorre and Svein-Arne Persson

A stochastic mesh size simulation algorithm for pricing barrier options in a jump-diffusion model

Journal of Applied Operational Research, 2016,  8(1), 15–25

Nils Friewald, Christopher A. Hennessy and Rainer Jankowitsch

Secondary Market Liquidity and Security Design: Theory and Evidence from ABS Markets

Review of Financial Studies, 2016, 29, 1254-1290

Chi, Daniel and Xunhua Su

Product Market Threats and the Value of Corporate Cash Holdings

Financial Management, 2016, 45(3), 705-735

Espen B. Eckbo, Knut Nygaard, Karin Thorburn

Kjønnskvotering av børsnoterte ASA styrer

Magma, 2016, 5, 39-41

Tiago Pinheiro and Joshua Ronen

"Unintended Consequences of the Credit Card Act"

Journal of Law, Finance, and Accounting, 2016, 1(1), 93-138

Tyler Hull

How the Timing of Dividend Reductions can Signal Value

Journal of Corporate Finance, 2015, 33, 114-131

Betton, Sandra, B. Espen Eckbo, Rex Thompson and Karin S. Thorburn

Merger negotiations with stock market feedback

Journal of Finance, 2014, 69(4), 1705-1745

Aksel Mjøs, Ove Rein Hetland

Bankmarkedet for norske bedriftskunder gjennom og etter finanskrisen

Magma, 2014, 6, 70 - 78

Snorre Lindset, Arne-Christian Lund, Svein-Arne Persson

Credit risk and asymmetric information: A simplified approach

Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 2014, 39, 98-112

Eckbo, B. Espen and Karin S. Thorburn

Corporate restructuring

Foundations and Trends in Finance, 2013, 7 (3), 159-288

Ayotte, Kenneth M., Edith S. Hotchkiss and Karin S. Thorburn

"Governance in financial distress and bankruptcy"

The Oxford Handbook of Corporate Governance. Oxford University Press, Ch. 22, 489-512