Publications 2017

Publications 2017

Authors Title Publication

Bjørndal, Endre
Bjørndal, Mette
Cai, Hong
Panos, Evangelos

Hybrid pricing in a coupled European power market with more wind power

European Journal of Operational Research, Online 27.06.2017

Bjørndal, Endre
Bjørndal, Mette
Cullmann, Astrid
Nieswand, Maria

Finding the right yardstick: Regulation of electricity networks under heterogeneous environments

European Journal of Operational Research, Online 04.08.2017

Brekke, Kjell Arne
Golombek, Rolf
Kaut, Michal
Kittelsen, Sverre A. C.
Wallace, Stein W.

Stochastic energy market equilibrium modeling with multiple agents

Energy, 2017, 134, 984-990

Iho, Antti
Ahlvik, Lassi
Ekholm, Petri
Lehtoranta, Jouni
Kortelainen, Pirkko

Optimal Phosphorus Abatement Redefined: Insights From Coupled Element Cycles

Ecological Economics, 2017, 137, 13-19

Kvamsdal, Sturla F.
Maroto, Jose M.
Moran, Manuel
Sandal, Leif K.

A bridge between continuous and discrete-time bioeconomic models: Seasonality in fisheries

Ecological Modelling, 2017, 364(24), 124-131

Kyritsis, Evangelos
Andersson, Jonas
Serletis, Apostolos

Electricity prices, large-scale renewable integration, and policy implications

Energy Policy, 2017, 101, 550-560

Kyritsis, Evangelos
Serletis, Apostolos

The zero lower bound and market spillovers: Evidence from the G7 and Norway

Research In International Business and Finance, Online 26.05.2017

Lillestøl, Jostein
Sinding-Larsen, Richard

Creaming and the Likelihood of Discovering Additional Giant Petroleum Fields

Mathematical Geosciences, 2017, 49(1), 67-83

Lindstad, Haakon E.
Eskeland, Gunnar S.
Rialland, Agathe

Batteries in Offshore Support vessels - Pollution, climate impact and economics

Transportation Research Part D, 2017, 50, 409-417

Lindstad, Elizabeth
Rehn, Carl Fredrik
Eskeland, Gunnar S.

Sulphur Abatement Globally in Maritime Shipping

Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 2017, 57, 303-313

Mirhedayatian, Seyed Mostafa
Yan, Shiyu

A framework to evaluate policy options for supporting electric vehicles in urban freight transport

Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 2018, 58, 22-38, Online 15.11.2017

Saastamoinen, Antti
Bjørndal, Endre
Bjørndal, Mette

Specification of merger gains in the Norwegian electricity distribution industry

Energy Policy, 2017, 102, 96-107

Steinshamn, Stein Ivar

Predators in the market: implications of market interaction on optimal resource management

Journal of Bioeconomics, 2017, 19(3), 327-341