VIRKE visited NHH

By Bram Timmermans

17 June 2022 09:11

VIRKE visited NHH

On 23 May we had the pleasure of a visit from the employer federation Virke, one of DIG and NHH’s great collaborators.

Virke logo

During the day colleagues from DIG and NHH shared insights and engaged in great discussion and dialog on a range of topics relevant for Virke and Virke's mission.

Topics that we touched upon were:

  • Customer-driven innovation by Tor Wallin Andreassen
  • Digital enabled service-based business models by Tina S. and Magne Angelshaug
  • Innovation capacity by Inger Stensaker
  • Technology adoption and consumer behavior by Helge Thorbjørnsen
  • Sustainable finance by Aksel Mjøs and José Albuquerque de Sousa
  • Exports of brands by Magne Supphellen
  • Export of services by Tor Wallin Andreassen

This event was again a showcase of how research dissemination nearly immediately leads to sustainable value creation to relevant stakeholders, and where we can show the richness of expertise that roam through the corridors of NHH. We plan to have more of such events with our partners in the DIG consortium.

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