Specialized competence partners

Specialized competence partners

Induct, Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA)


Induct is the first truly integrated Web-based service that allows organizations to easily practice open innovation through creating virtual innovation communities and open innovation zones.

Induct integrates Enterprise 2.0 technology and social networking concepts with a flexible and customizable innovation process management framework. Headquarter in Oslo, with office in Boston, Bangalore, London, Saô Paolo and Beijing. Research and Development operations are based in Norway.

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CSI enables Induct to further advance and specialize our open innovation platform for the purpose of service innovation Induct practices true open innovation, by involving customers, partners and world experts in the development of Induct. With these values of open innovation, we believe in co-sourcing a large percentage of our R&D and Innovation activities. In addition to building a social software platform for the CSI member organizations, Induct’s main participation is to provision the company’s software-as-a-service innovation instances for selected pilots and research projects together with specific CSI user partners. Induct software is particularly involved in the CSI innovation challenges addressed in the open and co-creating innovation processes theme.

Kim Hamli
Email | kh@inductsoftware.com


Design and architecture Norway (DOGA)

Desing and Architecture Norway (DOGA) promotes the understanding, knowledge and use of design and architecture from a commercial and social perspective.

The organisation will promote quality and innovation using design and architecture to develop surroundings, products and services. We are located in the centre of Oslo and host exhibitions, conferences and other events that promote good use of design and architecture.

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As a partner in CSI we believe new insights will be gained, which in turn will be passed on to SMB’s as well as academic institutions within business as well as the design professions. We are strong believers in the overall competence among the CSI partners. Together we can create new knowledge related to innovation in a services context. The dissemination of up to date knowledge will include consulting services to organizations, providing advice to the government, developing case studies, giving lectures as well as organizing multi-disciplinary workshops. DOGA’s main contribution as a CSI partner is to increase the business partners’ knowledge about the strategic use of design and design thinking in a service innovation process. The aim is to create value for customers and other stakeholders as well as for the service organization’s return on investment (ROI). Our experience is that the intersection of multi-disciplinary competences and collaboration within design and business facilitates service innovation. The result is often more efficient and desirable services.

Judith Gloppen
Email | jg@doga.no
Tel | +47 930 85 974