Research partners

Research partners

NHH, AHO, SINTEF, SNF, Karlstad Universitet, Copenhagen Business School.


A business school of high international standing, and a driving force for development in business and society.

Norway’s leading business school with more than 3000 students study across a range of Bachelor, Master and PhD programmes in economics and business administration. 400 employees.

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Center for Service Innovation (CSI) is an important part of NHH’s ambitious program NHH 2021, where the aim is to make NHH one of the best business schools in Europe. If we are to achieve this, we need to be at the very front in developing new knowledge and insight in all relevant fields of business and economics, and with the importance of the services sectors in our economy, there is no doubt that service innovation is a key area. "For NHH it is also of great importance that CSI has been granted status as a Centre for Research-based innovation (SFI) by the Research Council of Norway – the first ever SFI within social sciences and the first focusing of services. This signals quality of the research and high expectations to the Center." Citation from NHH-rector Jan I. Haaland.

Tor W. Andreassen
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AHO - The Oslo School of Architecure and Design

Specialized university and a leading international architecture and design school.

Approximately 600 students and 100 employees. The Institute of Design educates designers who shape and develop products, services and interactive experiences. We focus upon the integration of aesthetics, culture and society, marketing, technology and design strategy to create new value.

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AHO has been teaching and researching the role of design within service innovation since 2004 as part of its Service Design initiative. We have particularly focused upon methods and processes for designing for the customer experience. Within CSI we jointly head the Customer and Brand Experience theme with NHH. Our focus is how design can innovate services through focus upon the customer experience. In addition, how design, together with other disciplines can enable the experience-centric organization. We are particularly interested in doing this within CSI, since it gives us the opportunity to work cross-disciplinary. Our belief is that design is an important supplement to the disciplines already involved in service innovation. CSI allows us to build upon our existing knowledge and help further our research into how design makes innovation happen.

Simon Clatworthy
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Technology for a better society.

The largest independent research organization in Scandinavia. Provides research-based knowledge with the purpose of strengthening the industrial competitive power and stimulating new industrial activity; and performs services for the public sector.

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"CSI will significantly strengthen a national foundation for Service Innovation and become an enabler for research driven innovation of future industrial and public services based on this."
Citation from Unni Steinsmo, CEO SINTEF. SINTEF participates in CSI with different research groups and focus areas related to the main research themes of CSI. The participation in CSI will enable the research groups at SINTEF to focus on results related to practical challenges and experiences in the service industry in Norway, and also to provide a good foundation for international research results and collaboration. In particular, SINTEF is focusing on the areas of service innovation with a foundation in user experiences, on understanding best practices in service innovation, and on practical use and provisioning of open service innovation platforms.

Amela Karahasnovic
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SNF - Centre for Applied Research at NHH

Owned by the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) and the Foundation SNF.

One of the largest and most influential institutes in Norway when it comes to applied research in economics and business administration. The research staff of SNF consists of 14 full time researchers. In addition, we engage more than 100 researchers from the scientific staff of the NHH and the UIB and also from other research institutions in Norway and abroad.

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Being engaged in applied research, SNF has to focus on important sectors and major changes in the economy. It is well established that the importance of service production in the national and international economy is increasing, and that the development of knowledge-intensive services is crucial to ensure future competitiveness. Thus, it is ironical that our cognitive models of innovation and growth mostly seem to reflect manufacturing production, as these do not capture the essence and challenges facing services and service innovations. Collaboration with CSI will strengthen the industry relevance of SNF’s research, and also introduce new modes of conducting research. In these respects, CSI is of great strategic importance to SNF.

Svenn-Åge Dahl
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Karlstads Universitet

International Co-operation.

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CSI supports CSI-scholars staying at KAU, Karlstad University,during their engagement and offer visiting positions to relevant researchers from the partner institution. In addition, the CSI-scholarship will be used to attract internationally renowned researchers and to generate public attention to service innovation research.


Copenhagen Business School

International Co-operation.

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CSI supports CSI-scholars staying at CBS, Copenhagen Business School, during their engagement and offer visiting positions to relevant researchers from the partner institution. In addition, the CSI-scholarship will be used to attract internationally renowned researchers and to generate public attention to service innovation research.