KIBS partners

KIBS partners

Knowledge Intensive Business Services partners: BEKK, LiveWork, inFuture.


Norwegian consulting company offering con- sultancy, technology and management services, mainly to large norwegian public and private companies.

Offices in Oslo and Trondheim. 300 employees.

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“The values of participating in the CSI are realized along several paths. Most significantly, our participation is strengthening our own competence within service innovation and gives us unique possibilities to investigate and test problems of relevance to a deeper degree than we would be able to do on our own”.By being a partner of the CSI, BEKK is enhancing our competence and knowledge within service innovation. Since the foundation of BEKK in 2000, a major part of our business has been concerned with service innovation, either within technology areas i.e. development of self service solutions or within managerial areas, i.e. strategy for employer-driven innovation and organizing multi-channel services. CSI’s focus on partner relevant problems makes participation particularly interesting for us. As a CSI-partner, BEKK both contributes to and receive great value by being a knowledge partner and advisor to CSI partners as well as other related serviceoriented companies and organizations. This first year as a CSI-partner; BEKK has been involved in several service innovation related discussions and projects with the other CSI partners.

Harald Krogh
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Working around the globe, on a diverse range of projects for a diverse set of clients, the Livework team really shows what design can do.

Livework is a pioneering Service Design company founded in 2001.

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We create positive impact for organisations and their customers by combining ethnographic and design insights with an understanding of business models to help clients understand and improve services from a user perspective. We help clients launch and improve services that provide a better customer experience and are properly supported by staff. Our research delivers customer insights based on irritations, behaviour, interest, preferences and experience. Working with experts and staff we assess the market and the business situation and their impact. We develop clear service strategies that can be piloted with customers and staff. Using our expertise in multiple sectors we design services while taking into account the challenges of the organisation. We are proud to have worked on over 500 projects with both global leaders and exciting start-ups. Alongside extensive experience in the commercial sector, we have pioneered the employment of service innovation & design in a number of organizations. We have also contributed to the establishment of the new global Service Design Network, service design courses in leading schools and published books on the subject. There are 40 Liveworkers located in London, Oslo, Sao Paulo and Rotterdam who come from a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives. We were recently awarded design team of the year award by Design Week magazine.

Lavrans Løvlie
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Urgency of the long term.

Consulting company specializing in innovation and strategy for the service industry.

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Unique framework for strategy and business development in service companies.“CSI offers a unique opportunity for inFuture to develop models for strategy development and innovation in service businesses that can stand the test of academic scrutiny”. inFuture as a firm is focused on strategy and innovation projects for companies in the service sector, and aims to expand the innovation capabilities of our clients further through the CSI partnership. Our CSI activities in 2011 have been focused on methodologies to better incorporate trend studies in corporate strategy processes, with the wisdom of crowds as a core concept. We are also currently running a study with a CSI master student to explore how various experimentation techniques can be used as part of iterative service development. We hope to expand this study further in 2012 with a joint CSI/BIA project, as well as a study of service innovation trends.

Øystein Berg
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