Bridging partners

Bridging partners

Virke, Abelia.


Most rapidly growing federation of enterprises in Norway.

Represent more than 15.000 businesses with more than 200.000 employees from different sectors. Represent the working life of the future – based on knowledge, service and innovation.

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Virke believes that there is a huge potential in developing services in a better and more systematic approach and that a programmed collaboration with large networks of different partners will enhance the possibilities of success. The design of the CSI focusing on extensive partnership through best practice, publishing of papers and deliverables of PhD’s are all metrics that we can use in our work on innovation in services. As a bridging partner we can also guide our members running innovation projects to work with CSI and diffuse knowledge generated at the CSI to our member companies. Through this, we believe that our member companies will get a better basement for successful service innovation, and that this will improve their value creation.

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Business Association of Norwegian knowledge- and technology based enterprises. Associated with Norway’s largest employers’ organization.

Non-profit, non-party political organization funded by membership fee paid by the member companies.

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Abelia is dedicated to improving the business environment for its member companies in the knowledge- and technology based sector, and to promoting the industry’s contribution to economic growth and social progress. By influencing policy, Abelia improves business opportunities for members and supports initiatives that stimulate demand for members’ products and services.

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