Norwegian Innovation Index continues to go international

By Irene Haukås Moe

14 November 2018 10:09

Norwegian Innovation Index continues to go international

Last week, a team of researchers from Karlstad Business School working with the Swedish Innovation Index visited the CSI team at NHH to share experiences and discuss joint research opportunities.

After a successful launch of the US version of the Norwegian Innovation Index (NII) last month in New York, Sweden is soon ready to announce the list of the most innovative Swedish companies based on customer evaluations.

Researchers from both teams are excited about the findings from Norway, the US, and Sweden that provide strong support for the underlying method.

A considerable interest from the business community also demonstrates the timeliness and relevance of taking the customer perspective on innovation. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but innovation is in the eye of the customer.

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NII is a unique, bottom-up approach to measuring firm innovativeness where customers serve as judges and evaluate their firms based on a theoretically derived measurement instrument. It has been developed at the Center for Service Innovation, and the annual ranking is available on the CSI web page since 2016.

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