Two interesting CSI days in Oslo last week

By Linda Hollebeek

20 March 2017 09:19

(updated: 20 March 2017 09:28)

Two interesting CSI days in Oslo last week

Overall, these discussions generated a wealth of research, partnering and collaboration opportunities within the areas of VR, AR and service design that are key priority areas on CSI’s strategic research agenda.

VR and AR in services

On Thursday, presentations were held at the SINTEF campus, which centered on the use of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in commercial environments and academic research. Presentations reflected on conceptual and empirical work the CSI partners are currently undertaking on AR/VR, including Konstantinos Boletsis’ work on VR and AR Research at SINTEF, Linda Hollebeek, Siv Skard, and Tor Andreassen’s work on VR in Marketing, and Siv Skard, Linda Hollebeek et al.’s Findings from VR Experiments. Following these presentations, a series of discussions were held that reflected on key trends and opportunities within industry-based and academic applications of VR. Proposals for collaboration were also discussed, followed by a group dinner.

Design thinking, strategy and innovation

At EVRY On Friday, Further discussions centered on the role of service design in contemporary business, and key future challenges. While growing practitioner interest is observed in the area of service design, relatively little is known about this emerging concept in the academic (marketing) literature, thus providing an opportunity for further research in this area. Interestingly, service design also exhibits close links with AR and VR. Presentations were held by Alvaro Marquez on EVRY in the Age of Strategic Design, Daniel Gronquist on EVRY’s Strategic Design Lab, Linda Hollebeek, Annita Fjuk, and Tor Andreassen on Service Design for Consumer Engagement, Annita Fjuk on Design Thinking, Innovation and Marketing, and Tor Andreassen’s Address of CSI.

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