The Future of Retail - Book Announcement

2 February 2017 13:11

(updated: 2 February 2017 13:23)

The Future of Retail - Book Announcement

This autumn, our edited volume "New business models in retail - Innovating for a digital and sustainable future", will be published by University Press (in Norwegian).

The Editors: Sigrid Helland, Tina Saebi and Camilla Gramstad (from left to right)
The Editors: Sigrid Helland, Tina Saebi and Camilla Gramstad (from left to right)

Editors of the book are Associate Professor Tina Saebi (NHH), Camilla Skjelsbæk Gramstad, Sustainability Manager (Virke), and Sigrid Helland, Senior Advisor in Industrial Policy (Virke).

Important trends such as digitalization, the sharing economy and the need for increased sustainability are turning established business models in retail obsolete. In addition, lack of resources, climate change, changing consumer behavior and new technologies urge the need for innovating business models in order to secure profitability and competitiveness.

"With the book we want to show how these important trends might affect the retail industry, which has over 370,000 employees and is crucial for Norwegian economic value creation," the three editors state. "We offer examples of how new and profitable business models might look like, and how to explore and implement these in practice."

The book contains chapters from established researchers and industry experts, and will translate state- of-the art research into practical frameworks and recommendations for managers and employees in retail.

The book will provide answers to four important challenges:

  1. Why are business model innovation, digitization and sustainability important to retail?
  2. What type of new business models are emerging in retail?
  3. How can retailers innovate their business model?
  4. How does the future of retail look like?


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