Special issue in JBR on New Perspectives on Adoption of Innovation

22 November 2017 16:19

Special issue in JBR on New Perspectives on Adoption of Innovation

CSI-researchers are guest-editor for a new special JBR-issue on adoption. The goal is to highlight the latest on adoption research.

CSI researchers Per Kristensson, Per Egil Pedersen and Helge Thorbjørnsen will co-edit a special issue in Journal of Business Research on New Perspectives on Adoption and Diffusion of innovations.

The deadline for submitting papers is 15 November 2018, and the call for papers can be found below:

More info and call for papers


Models of innovation adoption were developed in a time when innovations were thought of as new products and standardized services; markets as individuals or segments of consumers who performed well-structured behaviors; and innovators as single firms with considerable control over the content and communication of the innovations. Put simply, innovations, consumers and markets have changed significantly since then.

First, many innovations depend on complementary services and platforms for developing and distributing them in eco-systems. Second, consumers have become more heterogeneous and one consumer’s value of adopting an innovation increasingly depends on the behavior and contributions of other co-creating consumers (e.g. social media services). Third, timing, the process of when adoption and diffusion takes place, is becoming increasingly more fuzzy as expectations of what comes next and how consumers, producers and regulators react to these expectations evolve (e.g. electrical cars).

Lastly, markets, the context of where adoption and diffusion takes place, are increasingly created through consumers’, producers’ and other actors’ institutional work. Rather than adopting a predefined offering, consumers and other actors jointly create and define the institutions of the market and develop practices that we a posteriori interpret as the adopted innovation (e.g. street fashion or gambling).

The Special Issue calls for papers that take consumer, firm or market/network/system perspectives on adoption and diffusion. We call for research across disciplines and welcome research from information systems, marketing, strategic management, human resources, organizational behavior, as well as other relevant fields. 

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