New CSI book: Innovating for trust

24 July 2017 10:17

New CSI book: Innovating for trust

Our latest book from CSI-researchers´ pen: "Innovating for trust" (Edward Elgard, 2017 - released 28 July) summarizes our unique experience and approach to service innovation.

Building on Service dominant logic and deisgn thinking for business we have developed a book that can be read chapter by chapter or jumping among chapters. Enlightened reader - students, academics and business - will have an excellent learning experience when reading the book.

New CSI book: Innovating for trust
New CSI book: Innovating for trust

Editorial Reviews

'Innovating for Trust is an extensive collection of reflections on the important role of innovation for competitive advantage. The turbulent business environment requires constant change, with creative ideas emerging from multiple sources. The book provides essential guidance for managers about how to ensure future business success through customer- and experience-centric innovation. It tackles innovation from the perspectives of service design, business models, co-creation and commercialization. For scholars, the book provides a comprehensive overview of multidisciplinary approaches to innovation written by some of the leading experts in the field.' Kristina Heinonen, Hanken School of Economics, Finland

'Innovating for Trust addresses exceptionally important aspects of innovation and adoption that are all too often ignored: the riskiness of both. They are risks that can only be ameliorated by trust - shared, relational and institutionalized understandings. The authors and editors address and adroitly stitch together considerations of the diverse aspects of interactions that are simultaneously influenced by and influence trust in a manner that is accessible and usable by researchers and practitioners alike. I highly recommend it for both.' Stephen L. Vargo, University of Hawai'i at Manoa, US

About the Editors

Marika Luders, University of Oslo and SINTEF, Tor W. Andreassen, NHH Norwegian School of Economics, Simon Clatworthy, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design and Tore Hillestad, NHH Norwegian School of Economics, Norway

Innovating for Trust - BOOK Launch

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