CSI research seminar 2017

Krakow seminar CSI

30 August 2017 09:04

CSI research seminar 2017

From 22-25 August, the Center for Service Innovation (CSI) is having its annual meeting, held in Krakow, Poland this year.

Written by Linda Hollebeek

The agenda includes an outline of CSI’s current and future strategy, including a redefinition of its short- and long-term plans and objectives, which are being discussed within a team of 16 CSI researchers this week. CSI’s recent successes are also being celebrated, including ABS 4 journal publications, two book launches (“Innovating for Trust”, DOGA 4 September and “Nye forretningsmodeller i handelen”, Virke 18 September”) and others.

In smaller break-out groups, discussions relating to new project ideas and initiatives are also being held, which reflect CSI’s evolving research priority areas. Sample topics include service innovation and design, adoption, customer experience, business models and experience economics.