MOOC: a threat to the traditional academy

21 October 2013 17:41

(updated: 18 December 2016 17:48)

MOOC: a threat to the traditional academy

On September, 28, 2013, Tor W. Andreassen gave a speech at TEDxBergen conference hosted by NHH – Norwegian School of Economics. He presented his ideas about the end of the academic world as we know it.

he threat comes from MOOC (Mass Open On-line Courses) that influences universities and schools in the same way as internet affects newspapers. Tor W. defines MOOC as a disruptive innovation, and predicts its further success. Besides, it is more available and democratic.

However, is this future really so serene? According to Andreassen, there are certain difficulties associated with MOOC, too. For example, there are issues with how to grade students, how to interact with them, how to retain them, and so on. More detailed information you can get by watching the video from TEDxBergen below.


The thoughts by Tor W. Andreassen, published in Dagens Næringsliv, you can find here.