Design a service!

19 April 2013 12:31

(updated: 21 December 2016 12:40)

Design a service!

Yes, concepts for new service offerings can be created in just a few hours. The Service Innovation students at NHH did it!

New insights, some new tools and a great effort from the students gave really good results at the service design workshop on April 4th. The new insight included service design thinking by placing the user at the center of the process of designing new services.

We are impressed by how the students managed to put new insights into practice in such a limited time. The case for the workshop was Health Care. The students developed a customer journey, mapped important touch-points, identified customer needs and created new ideas for how these needs could be met.  In addition, all of the three groups managed to align their new service proposal to the defined brand strategy. This was beyond expectation and quite impressing.

We had a really good time at NHH. Thanks to Tina Saebi for this opportunity and the best of luck to all the Service Innovation students.

Impressions from the students:

“It was great to try out the theory in practice and see that the method actually helped us come up with creative ideas. The guest lecturers were very inspiring, and they communicated the “real-life” importance of service dominant logic-thinking in a very good way.” – Pia Solheim

“The service design workshop is a great way to apply concepts that we learn through the whole semester. It complements theory by helping us understand concepts that might be unknown, or might even seem far off the topics we are most related to. For example: How can we “design” a non-material thing, like a service? The workshop clarifies the process of designing a service and its implications to Service Innovation. Furthermore, having an interactive class provides us with knowledge that we don’t find in a book. For me, that is a very important part of a Master’s education experience.” – Leda Rivero

“Thank you for organizing the Service Design Workshop ! I really appreciate this session which was very dynamic, innovative and useful for us. It was a way to use both our creative spirit and knowledge learned from previous service innovation courses.” – Clara Lognone