Annual cycle and reports

Annual cycle and reports

The CSI Annual Cycle refers to the set of events that uniformly take place around the same time of year. Some other events may also occur.

Annual cycle 2019
10 January Deadline to report hours / costs 2018 CSI partners
16 January CSI roundtable dicussion: Service Innovation Economics

Bekk, 4 PM - 6.30 PM

CSI partners
17 January CSI seminar: Can customer experiences threaten customer profitability?

Bekk, 12 Noon - 4 PM 

Open event
20 January Accounts / ESA doc 2018 RCN CSI/NHH
08 February Consortium meeting


Consortium members
11 – 15 February Study tour

San Fransisco, USA

CSI partners
04 March Board of Directors seminar


CSI Board of Directors
06 March Norwegian Innovation Index 2018 - release


01 April Annual report 2018 - deadline RNC CSI /NHH
01 April CSI research seminar


CSI researchers
09 April CSI round table discussion: Innovation

Hennie Onstad kunstsenter, Oslo

CSI partners
10 April CSI seminar: Innovation 2019 - refleksjoner og visjoner

Research Council Norway

Open event
03 May Deadline to report activities for the first half of 2019 CSI partners
01 June Progress report to RCN CSI / NHH
04 November Final project end date. Final report / accounts