New article by Xunhua Su

29 September 2016 14:42

New article by Xunhua Su

The article "The Dynamics of Performance Volatility and Firm Valuation" by Jianxin Daniel Chi and Xunhua Su is forthcoming in the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis.


We construct a model to illustrate the dynamics of cash flow volatility and firm valuation. As a firm progressively invests into its growth opportunities, its book value increases and catches up with its market value, reducing the valuation multiple (Q). Cash flow volatility (CFV) decreases due to the diversification effect of investing into more market segments. We document a positive CFV-Q association, which varies with firm size, investment opportunities, and the correlation across market segments. Empirical findings strongly support the model predictions and are robust to alternative explanations offered by extant studies on firm growth, volatility, and valuation.

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