Information about Bergen

Information about Bergen

  • About Bergen

    About Bergen


    Thanks to the warming effect of the Gulf Stream, Bergen enjoys mild weather compared to the rest of Norway. Although the average temperature in late August /early September is only around 16°C, temperatures can and do still reach up to and beyond 20°C. Late summer is one of the nicest periods of the year to enjoy Bergen`s charm. However, Bergen is wetter than other areas, due to rain clouds regularly being trapped by the surrounding mountains, and visitors are warned to bring their umbrellas and rain jackets!


    The official currency in Norway is NOK (Norwegian Kroner). The krone is divided into coins of 1 NOK, 5 NOK, 10 NOK and 20 NOK. Bills are issued in denominations of 50 NOK, 100 NOK, 200 NOK, 500 NOK and 1000 NOK. However, it is most common to pay by credit card and even small cafés and kiosks accept card.

    Time zone

    Norway is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+1).


    Restaurants, hotels and taxi drivers include a service fee in their charges. Customers who are satisfied with the service usually tip an extra 5-10%.


    There is free wireless internet access available at NHH campus and at the hotels.

    In case of emergency

    Medical assistance: 113
    Police: 112
    Fire: 110

  • Getting to Bergen

    Getting to Bergen

    The easiest way to get to Bergen is by plane. Several airlines approach the Bergen Flesland Airport directly from international or national airports.

    Getting from the airport to the city centre:
    Bergen Flesland Airport is situated around 20 km South-West of the city. The easiest way to get to the city centre is by taking the airport bus or taxi. SAS Flybussen (the airport bus) travels between the airport and the city centre every 15 minutes, and takes about 25 – 35 minutes. The fare for a one way ticket is 100 NOK payable on the bus. You can pay with cash (Norwegian currency only) or credit card (Visa and Mastercard). It is also possible to order the ticket before hand via the homepage.

    SAS Flybussen

    Taxies are readily available from the airport to Bergen city centre. Taxi drivers accept cash and various credit cards. A taxi will cost you around 600 NOK.

    Via Oslo:
    The NSB (Norwegian Rail Network) operates a regular service four times daily between central Oslo to Bergen city centre. The journey takes 6.5-8 hours from central Oslo. The train passes through picturesque mountain and fjord areas (and covers half of the area of the famous Norway in a Nutshell tour). The train journey arrives in central Bergen just a short distance away from hotels where participants will be staying.

    Via Stavanger:
    Kystbussen Stavanger-Bergen operates an hourly service from city centre to city centre, taking around 5 hours. The tickets can be purchased onboard the bus or online.

  • Local transportation

    Local transportation

    NHH is less than a 10 minutes bus ride from the city centre. There are several bus stops in the city centre. They are indicated on the map below. The buses to NHH are marked with number 3, 4, 5, 6 and 83 and run frequently during the day. Get off at stop “Handelshøyskolen”.

    On a nice day, you may choose to walk the 40-45 minutes distance, enjoying the open air museum of “Old Bergen” along the route.

    NHH’s address is Helleveien 30.

    City Map

  • Accomodation


    There is a vast supply of different hotel categories in Bergen. You might also want to check Airbnb, they often have very affordable roms and flats availabl. 

    Scandic Hotels  (from 1290 NOK) 

    Thon Hotel Bergen Brygge  (from 1290 NOK)

    Radisson Blue Royal Hotel Bergen, Bryggen (from 1645 NOK)

  • Activities


    Fjord Tours
    If you have a whole day to spare, the “Norway in a nutshell”-fjord tour should be at the top of your to-do list. You would travel through some of Norway’s most beautiful fjord scenery and get to take the breathtaking Flåm Railway and see the narrow Nærøyfjord and the Aurlandsfjord. This is a highly recommended way to spend your extra day in Norway. If a shorter trip fits your schedule better, there are two options worth mentioning. The 1,5 hours with a RIB-boat Bergen Fjord Safari , and the Fjord Cruise to Mostraumen, which takes about 3,5 hours. All the fjord cruises mentioned have daily departures during the summer.

    Mount Ulriken
    Ulriken is the highest of the seven mountains that famously surround Bergen. From the top you can see the whole city, you can dine at Sky:skraperen Restaurant (”The Skyscraper”) until 9pm, and even try Norway’s fastest zip-line. The hike up is steep and hard. The trails are good, but a map is recommended. It should take no more than an hour, but wear sports cloths and good shoes. There is also the option of a cable car.

    For those seeking a longer hike, “Vidden” is an excellent option. This moderate hike takes you from Mount Ulriken to Mount Floyen. The 15 km walk between these two beautiful mountains offers views of Bergen city, surrounding islands, fjords and on a clear day even the Folgefonna glacier. The path is well marked and should take about 5 hours.

    KODE  - the Art Museums of Bergen
    At KODE you can experience one of the finest collections of art from the Norwegian “golden age” (1880-1905). Besides one of the world’s most important collections of the art of Edvard Munch, you will also find highlights from the careers of artists such as J.C. Dahl, Hans Gude, Christian Krohg, Harriet Backer, Erik Werenskiold and Gerhard Munthe. Guided tours of the Munch exhibition in English are offered regularly. 

    The Grieg Museum
    If you enjoy classical music, a visit to the Grieg Museum might be just the thing for you. One option is to take the Grieg Bus Tour. This includes a bus to and from the city centre, a guided tour of Edvard Griegs villa, a recital by one of Norway’s leading pianists and time to explore the surrounding gardens and the gravesite of this great son of Bergen. The Bus Tour takes about 2.5 hours. 

    The UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site Bryggen (the Norwegian word for wharf) is a must see for anyone visiting Bergen. Walk around on your own, or visit the Hanseatic Museum for a tour. 

    Escape Room
    Bergen has three different escape rooms in two separate locations. These rooms offers a challenge to both Escape-newbies and those who have tried this exiting team-building activity before. One of the rooms allows you to experience Bryggen from the inside. Solve clues, decipher codes, cooperate and get out of the room before your 60 minutes have passed.

    Høyt og Lavt Climbing Park
    How about spending an active day in Bergen’s new climbing park? This park is challenging and fun for people of all ages, and maybe an unexpected fun experience on your conference trip. 

    Bergen Science Centre (Vilvite)
    The Vilvite Science Centre is perfect for adults and children who are interested in science and technology. The centre has lots of fascinating interactive exhibits. To get there you could take the city rail to the Florida stop, or walk the 15 minutes it takes from the city centre. In the latter case you could walk over Nygårdshøyden, the University of Bergen campus, and through the beautiful parc “Nygårdsparken”. 

    Nordnes Peninsula
    Take a tiny adorable boat from the harbour to the beautiful peninsula Nordnes. «M/F Beffen» goes from Bryggen to Nykirken weekdays (7.30 - 16.10). «M/F Vågen» goes from the Fish Market to Tollbodkaien near the Bergen Aquarium (10.00 – 18.00). At Nordnes you will find Bergen Aquarium, Fredriksberg Fortress, a peaceful park and Nordnes sea water pool. The walk back to city centre is about 10-15 minutes.

    The official website for Bergen and the region. Here you can read more about some of the tips mentioned in this list, and many more. 

  • Restaurants & Drinks

    Restaurants & Drinks


    Bare Vestlandet

    Norwegian tapas, prepared with fresh ingredients from the area. 

    One of Norway’s best seafood restaurants is located on a small island just outside Bergen. The place is lush, with a view of the fjord and the surrounding skerries. For lunch, a boat takes guest out to the island at 11:30 (return 14:30) and for dinner at 18:00 (return 22:30). If you like seafood and want an experience alongside your dinner while in Bergen, this place cannot be missed. 

    One of the city’s finer dining options is located in the Bergen Art Museum. 

    International and Norwegian food enjoyed in the beautiful and historical fresco hall of Bergen. Here you can order from four different restaurants, Asian, French, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian – perfect for groups with different tastes.

    Da Stefano
    Adorable tiny italian place a short walk towards “Nordnes” where the city aquarium is located. Be sure to reserve a table in advance, the place really is tiny and fills up fast. Ps. Try their pizza, it’s Da Licious. 

    Amazing Indian restaurant in the area behind “Bryggen”. The portions are generous, and the naan is to die for. 


    The Cluster by the Theatre Park
    One of the café/bar clusters of Bergen is located at the corner of the theatre park. Tasting Room has great drinks, a lovely atmosphere, and is known to have a decent selection of whisky. Other places worth mentioning are Café Opera and Ferdinan På Engen, both has lunch options and good coffee. At Café Opera you order at the counter, and will find a DJ some nights, while Ferdinand has great pizza and a cosy back yard. All three bars have a few tables out front with a view of the little park and the art nouveau National Theatre.

    Jacob All Brasserie and Bar
    Popular place to grab lunch while out shopping or sightseeing, or have dinner or drinks on a rooftop terrace in the city centre. Perfect on a sunny evening.

    Microbrewery, kitchen and cocktail bar situated by the harbour. UNA is perfect for beer in the afternoon sun, or a bite with friends. 

    More tips for the many bars of Bergen 

  • Cafés


    Godt Brød
    The perfect lunch place. Choose amongst several different buns and baguettes, choose your cheese, meat and veggies. Everything is organic and fresh. And try the cashew and coconut-cake for dessert, it’s heavenly. There are several Godt Brød’s in the city, one is near the Fløyen funicular. The biggest one is up the hill from the “Blue Rock”, towards the red Johannes Church.

    With two locations in the city centre, the fruit bar mainly offers organic smoothies and juices, but also cups of fresh fruits and berries, nuts and other natural and delicious snacks and small meals. One bar is inside Galleriet, the mall by Torgalmenningen square, and the other is located at the Fish Market.

    Really nice café inside the Bergen Art Museum. Is said the have some of the best coffee in Bergen. 

    Bergen Kaffebrenneri
    Laid back café in the city center. They roast their own coffee and have delicious cakes.