Quizes and surveys

Quizes and surveys

Are you struggling to get response from your students in class? How about creating a quiz to trigger discussions and dialogue?

Kahoot is an online tool for creating and playing quizes. All you need is a web browser. You easily add some questions and starts your game. Your students only need a code to participate. The results are available immidiately, and you can comment on these on the fly.

Kahoot is widely used at NHH. Ask your colleagues about their experience with Kahoot, or get in touch if you have questions.

Create your own kahoot!

Qualtrics is an online tool for creating and conducting surveys. The tool is available for all students and staff at NHH. Qualtrics offer several products of which we have a license for Qualtrics Research Suite.

Create your own account at qualtrics.com

Contact Arild Schanke if you have questions regarding Qualtrics.