The Teaching mentor programme

The Teaching mentor programme

Main elements of the two-year programme

  • Appointment of a teaching mentor for each new faculty member which meets and observes the mentee
  • One day of information on teaching tools and administrative processes
  • One day of pedagogical boot camp first semester
  • One day workshop after a year
  • Documentation and reflections in a Teaching portfolio

Mentors and departments participating in the programme  commit to follow up and support the mentees over a period of 1 ½ years. Participation in the programme as a mentor, could be of value when seeking the full professorship or applying for Excellent Teacher Practitioner ('Merittering') at NHH.

For those of you aiming at having the full 200 hours programme approved, your participation substitutes two modules.

The programme has a reference group which includes FIN, SAM, HR, Raaheim and Mortensen.

The programme starts each year in September.   

A canvas site / course will be made available for each new cohort of participants.



Documents to be produced and saved in a Teaching Portfolio / Canvas assignments

Expected working hours

  1. Teaching tools and administrative processes. September 17, 9.15 - 15.00

One day of information by the administration


Reflections end evaluation


  1. Pedagogy Boot Camp.October 17, 9.15- 15.00

One day intensive course with basic introduction to learning and pedagogy

Participation by the mentors first half of the day


An evaluation of the learning outcomes of the day


  1. Mentoring




3.1.   Sharing of course material

Mandatory initial meeting

Meeting notes


3.2.    Preparation for teaching a course

Work through the material



3.3.    Main meeting with mentor:

Discussion of material in detail with focus on

  1. Learning outcomes
  2. Teaching methods, including ways to ensure student participation
  3. Assessment, feedback to students

New course description

A reflection note


3.4.    Class visits of mentor with feedback round

Minimum twice

Including feedback meetings


Reflection notes


3.5.    Evaluation meeting after the course have been  taught for the first time

Critically discuss and evaluate the course. What went well, challenges, possible changes, students mid-term and end evaluations?

An ordinary course report

Reflection notes by the mentee and by the mentor


3.6.    Evaluation / planning meeting in year two

Outline course to be taught, mentor and a time plan

Mentor sends report to the department for record keeping

An ordinary course report

Reflection notes by the mentee and an end report by the mentor


  1. Pedagogy Boot Camp 2 - Workshop


Experiences and learning the first year.

September year 2

Finish and structure the previous documents in a teaching portfolio


The programme as a whole

May replace two out of four modules in the program for basic pedagogical competence at NHH (“The 200 hours)