Global Colloquium on Participant–Centered Learning

Global Colloquium on Participant–Centered Learning

Do you want to improve your pedagogical skills? Apply for the Harvard summer course in pedagogy - Global Colloquium on Participant-Centered Learning.

The age-old dilemma for academia - how best to teach - really is about how best to learn.

To produce the innovative, inspired, and visionary leaders that institutions need today, business schools must rethink the learning process and their management education curricula, while retaining their distinctive methods and traditions.

This two-session colloquium seeks to improve the learning model by building a global community of management educators who are committed to innovative teaching and course design.

Global Colloquium on Participant–Centered Learning consists of two sessions: One week in Boston in July and some days in January the following year. 

Application procedures

  • Think about it and discuss it with your department.
  • The department sends an application to by 15 November.
  • Together with the departments, four applicants will be nominated.
  • Together with the four nominated, we will start the formal application procedure.

NHH takes care of the fee and all travel expenses.

ask a colleague

Would you like to talk to a colleague who have already participated at Harvard? Here is a list of NHH faculty who have participated:

Annelise Ly_200.jpg
Annelise Ly
"The course also gave me confirmation on some of the teaching methods (case studies, experiential learning, fieldwork) that I am currently using in my courses at NHH.

We’ve learnt also about program and course designs (on site and online) and mentorship of junior faculty at Harvard. This was very interesting and inspiring, and made me reflect on how things are now at NHH and how I could (try to) improve them." 

Bram Timmermans_200.jpgBram Timmermans 
"The course will have an immediate impact on teaching in the upcoming semester. The Harvard case method involves lots of commitment from both faculty and students and HBS have several procedures in place to make it function for them.

This includes teaching teams on individual courses, clear formulation of expatiations to students which they have to sign (code of conduct), and allowing for course activities that cross disciplines."
Maxilmilian Rohrer_200.jpgMaximilian Rohrer 
"Harvard was very specific that the process of teaching matters more than the content, especially given that content is available everywhere.

They justify this opinion by pointing towards research/experience that shows that the process has a first order impact on knowledge retention."

Håkon Otneim_200.jpgHåkon Otheim
"At HBS, the teaching model is cultivated, implemented, detailed and managed from the top and above all: blessed with enormous resources.

All of this was in a way an advantage for us visitors, since the message was so clear-cut. But it was also clear that we had to figure out how the techniques fit into our own institution." 

Previous participants

Malin Arve (2018)
Trond Vegard Johannessen (2018)
Tzu-Ting Chiu (2018)
Kenneth Fjell
Tor Øyvind Baardsen
Inger Stensaker
Linda Nøstbakken
Berit Sund
Ragnhild Balsvik

Teaching and learning lab

NHH faculty who have participated.