Financial support

Financial support

The Teaching and Learning Lab at NHH provides financial assistance for participating at external conferences, seminars, or courses on teaching.

Would you like to develop your skills and knowledge in teaching? As a faculty member at NHH, you can attend teaching courses at CBS or participate in a number of interesting seminar and conferences.  

General rules for funding applications

Send an application by email to your department, who will forward a copy to Frank Mortensen in The Office of Student and Academic Affairs. The application must include the planned expenditure on registration fee, travel, accommodation and any other relevant cost. It is expected that the department contribute towards covering the expenses.

On return from the conference, seminar, or pedagogical course, a short report should be written providing information on the experience gained, etc. It is as well expected contributions at NHH seminars.

Harvard Business School

Some NHH faculty members have participated in a summer course at Harvard Business School: Global Colloquium on Participant–Centered Learning. Harvard allows us to send one or two participants each year. 

Harvard’s application deadline is 31 March each year. If you are interested, discuss it with the department head, fill out the application form and send it to the department.  The department should forward the application for financial support to Frank Mortensen by 15 March.