Course in University Pedagogy

Course in University Pedagogy

If you’d like to gain more knowledge and experience to widen your skills and be more effective in your teaching, join the course.


Course in Pedagogy for Faculty – Elective Module: Teaching Portfolio

  • 2 and 3 May 2019 at 9–15
  • 13 May at 9-12
  • 23 May at 9–12

Course responsible

Associate Professor Robert Gray,


Spring 2019

Language of Instruction



The course builds on the following components:

  • Teaching philosophy. Participants will begin by crafting a statement of their own teaching philosophy. These statements will be grounded in literature and their own values and experiences.
  • Professional development. Participants will document all efforts they have made to improve their teaching practice.
  • Teaching accomplishment. Participants will document the extent and success of their teaching, most notably in objective measures such as a list of courses taught and summaries of student evaluations, but will also incorporate additional materials such as evidence of student learning, testimonies from students and colleagues, and honors or other recognitions.
  • Pedagogical innovation. Participants will document and reflect on novel and innovative teaching practices that they have developed and implemented.

Learning Outcomes

After completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Compose a teaching philosophy statement that expresses the beliefs and practices that underlie their teaching strategies and methods
  • Document their teaching experience
  • Collect and present data supporting the effectiveness of their teaching practice
  • Document professional development efforts to improve and expand their teaching
  • Demonstrate contributions to the teaching profession and institution
  • Develop a structure for a teaching portfolio that can be effectively and accurately represented in both physical and electronic formats
  • Compile a finished teaching portfolio that accurately and effectively characterizes their teaching identity

Teaching methods/participation structure

The course follows a “blended” structure and is comprised of three face-to-face sessions plus online coursework before the course and between the sessions.

The first session will take place over two days, and the other two sessions will consist of half-day meetings that are one or two weeks apart. The face-to-face sessions will alternate between short talks, group discussions, group work sessions, and participant presentations. Between the sessions the participants shall reflect over own teaching practice and develop materials for their portfolios. These reflections and new materials will be shared during the second and third sessions.


Participants will be given a small selection of literature on teaching portfolios and teaching philosophy statements before the course. They will also be asked to find and read scientific articles on teaching and learning in their discipline.

Independent work

Participants will read several articles and write a brief summary (ca. 1 page) on two of them.

Between the first and second session, participants will draft a teaching philosophy statement and revise it between the second and third session.

Throughout the course, participants will collect and develop a means for displaying evidence of their teaching experience and effectiveness that will result in a somewhat “finished” teaching portfolio.


Course approval requires participation in all sessions as well as the coursework in the interim. Pass/Fail.