Course in Pedagogy for experienced teachers

Course in Pedagogy for experienced teachers

If you’d like to gain more knowledge and experience to widen your skills and be more effective in your teaching, join the course.

We will have a four-day practice-oriented course for the more experienced teachers by Associate Professor Robert Gray, UIB. Those who do not have much experience but have the first introductory course (module 1), are as well welcome to participate.

The course consists of discussions on practice and theory and work on your  own lecturers and teaching. The course focuses on course design and helps you incorporate active learning into teaching. Further, design and development of appropriate online content in your course will be discussed.

Dates: Tuesday 24 April, Wednesday 25 April, Monday 14 May and Tuesday 15 May.

You may choose to participate all four days, or only those days you find most interesting. You'll find the registration form below.

Learning outcomes

After completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Incorporate active learning into their teaching to increase student engagement
  • Design appropriate Formative and Summative Assessment activities into their instruction
  • Assess the relationship between learning outcome descriptions and forms of teaching and evaluation
  • Design and develop appropriate online content and activities to supplement the traditional classroom
  • Explain the characteristics of different learning strategies and the elements which contribute to their development
  • Reflect on and analyze how own teaching practice enhance the students learning activities and learning

About the course


The four-day course will cover the following topics:

  • Day 1, Tuesday 24 April
    Constructive Alignment and Classroom Teaching and Assessment Techniques 
    Participants will gain practical experience in choosing and designing teaching and learning strategies for the classroom.
  • Day 2, Wednesday 25 April 
    How to Design and Teach Blended and Flipped Courses
    Participants will explore the possibilities for blended, hybrid, and flipped courses. Canvas will be used as the Learning Management System.
  • Day 3, Monday 14 May
    Active Learning Strategies 
    Participants will explore the basics of active learning, how to involve students doing things, and include activities where participants practice incorporating active learning practices into their teaching.
  • Day 4, Tuesday 15 May
    Classroom Teaching 
    This session will address classroom instruction, including participants giving brief lectures / presentations and receiving feedback.

The course will be from 09.15 to 15.00 every day. Lunch will be served.


The participants will have the book: Biggs, J. & Tang, C. (2011). Teaching for Quality Learning at University, (4th Ed) Maidenhead: Open University Press/McGraw Hill Education. In addition, the participants should on their own find and read a scientific article on teaching / learning in higher education.

Independent work

During and between the sessions, participants will be responsible for writing plans for and reflections on how they will integrate what they have learned into their own teaching. They will also be expected to deliver two live presentations and develop materials and activities in Canvas.


Course approval requires participation in both of the sessions as well as the coursework in the interim. Pass/Fail.

If you have questions or comments, please contact Frank Mortensen