Development of pedagogical skills

Development of pedagogical skills

NHH requires its teachers to have basic pedagogical skills. Teachers should be skilled in choosing teaching and assessment methods appropriate for the learning outcome. If you’d like to strengthen your competence in this area, you may sign up for some of our courses or seminars.


The course programme in basic pedagogical competence consists of two compulsory modules and two electives. The two basic modules are offered at NHH.  Module 1 is compulsory for new employees, PhD students and postdocs.

Employees at NHH may have the electives at other institutions:


If you would like advice and guidance on planning courses, the lecturing situation or various forms of teaching and assessment, you can contact Arild Raaheim, professor II in education at NHH. Guidance takes various forms, including

  • Discussions
  • Attendance at lectures followed by discussions
  • Video filming of lectures followed by discussions (the PodPed project)


During the course of their period of employment at NHH, research fellows must take a course in pedagogy. The courses are held by Arild Raaheim, professor II in pedagogy at NHH.

Course Plan: Pedagogical Training for NHH Academic Staff


All student assistants must undergo basic training in pedagogy. The course is arranged each semester by Arild Raaheim, professor II in pedagogy at NHH.