Use of TV and film in teaching

Use of TV and film in teaching

NHH has signed a general agreement with NORWACO concerning the use of TV-material in the classes. TV-send movies are not part of this general agreement.

You can:

  • Record TV-shows (NRK1, NRK2, TV2 main channel) that are not films or programs for sale/rent
  • Use recordings in classes, for preparing classes, or research
  • Copy recordings to separate physical media, such as VHS, DVD, CD or similar
  • Make recordings available for self-studies in the NHH library
  • Show short footages/pieces in order to critic, analyse or cast light upon a certain problem.

You cannot:

  • Put TV-recording online, including LMS' such as It's Learning
  • Record and show films that are clearly made also for non-TV use, such as feature films and other material that can have market potential other places than TV
  • Edit recordings.


Normally, all use of film in larger classes is looked upon as a presentation and therefore as something that will have to be cleared with the copyright holders. Primary and secondary schools have less strict rules because there will normally be strong personal relations between the attendees (they know each other...). At the university level you should treat every film as a single item needing copyright clearance before showing it in class.


  • feature films
  • TV-shows
  • educational movies
  • screencasts
  • YouTube video
  • commercials