Use of text in teaching

Use of text in teaching

NHH Norwegian School of Economics has a general framework agreement with Kopinor. The current agreement (October 2014) also allows digital use. "Copying" also includes scanning and storing material in digital form. Here are the current rules for using text in class.

You can:

  • Copy up to 15% of books and similar, but at least one chapter or a part equivalent to a chapter.
  • Copy up to 30% of books and similar not longer available to the general.
  • Copy as much as you like from free periodicals.
  • Copy as much as you like from web-texts as long as general use conditions are respected.
  • Use copied material in class, on the smartboard etc.
  • Share copied material with students or colleagues - as handouts or through email/canvas.
  • Print a digitally copied text.
  • Copy visual art or photos from publications (not originals).

Not regulated by Kopinor

The general agreement with Kopinor does not concern all types of text:

  • You can copy freely from laws, regulations and other public documents.
  • Texts published under a CC-license can be re-used in accordance with the license.

Electronic journal articles

Scientific electronic journals are not goverened by the general Kopinor-agreement!  All articles from an electronic journal should be treated as if you have no rights in re-using them in class.

The NHH library or its agents have in some cases negotiated deals with some of the publishers, allowing copying and re-use of electronic journal content. Please contact the library for copyright clearence regarding electronic journal content. Note that deals must be made on every single title - there is no general agreement regarding electronic journals at the time.

By "Text" WE here mean:

  • Publications such as books, journal articles, newspapers, leaflets and others
  • Web pages
  • Other digital documents, such as presentations

Sound, video, film, data programs and games are not included here.

Author's name and publication shall always be given, following the rules of proper academic conduct.

Note that you are not allowed to replace teaching aids with copies in cases where it would be natural for the originals to be used. You are also not allowed to put copied material on the (open) web.