Use of sound in teaching

Use of sound in teaching

TONO manages rights for music works in Norway. NHH does not have any general agreement with TONO regarding use of music in classes.Rights to radio programs are managed by NORWACO, and is goverend by the general agreement that NHH has entered into with NORWACO. You can find more information on this in the section on TV and film.

You can:

  • Record and use radio programs from NRKs radio channels.
  • Make the recordings at NHH or at home.
  • Copy recordings to physical media such as DVD, CD or similar.
  • Distribute the recordings for self-study purposes within the NHH library.
  • Play music where the composer or performer has been dead for at least 70 years.
  • Play recorded music (CDs) in class in order to exemplify, pinpoint or demonstrate a case (right to quotation).

You cannot:

  • Publish recordings on the web, including LMS such as itslearning.
  • Publish music from CDs or similar on the web, including itslearning or similar.
  • Edit recordings.

about cc-license:

There are a few search interfaces allowing you to find music distributed under licenses allowing re-use.