Use of pictures and artworks in teaching

Use of pictures and artworks in teaching

Rights to visual art are managed by BONO which represents about 1700 Norwegian artists and about 50.000 foreign artists. NHH has not entered into a general agreement with BONO regarding use of visual artwork in classes. Every single use must then be cleared either with BONO or directly with the copyright holder in cases where he or she is not represented by BONO.


You can:

  • Use visual artwork that are part of a publication.
  • Use pictures where the copyright holder has been dead for at least 70 years.

Note that for photos of artwork, the period of protection for both photography and artwork itself must be expired. See below for more information on period of protection.

you cannot: 

  • Publish artwork in other forms of publications, for example in a print publication.
  • Digitalise existing photos of artwork without explicit permission from the photographer.
  • Copy digital material that is clearly intended for sale, such as commercial photo archives.
  • Freely use pictures from webpages without permission from the copyright holder, unless the pictures are licensed for such use. This also applies to pictures from sosial media such as


  • The Copyright Act also applies for artwork that is owned by NHH.
  • You can make a direct deal with any artist not represented by BONO.
  • If the copyright holder has been dead for more than 70 years, the work can be used freely. Restrictions can still apply because of the right of ownership; you cannot claim a right to take a photo of an artwork if the owner does not agree.
  • Photos (pictures, not artwork) can be used freely 15 years after the death of the photographer if the photo is also more than 50 years old.
  • Copyright holder and source should always be stated.