NHH Publication bonus

NHH Publication bonus

NHH pays bonus to researchers who publish articles in selected journals (NHH list). In addition, publications in journals on a list prepared by the Financial Times are rewarded (FT list).

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Regulations - NHH Publication Bonus Scheme

  • A bonus is paid based on publications in a journal that is on a current NHH journal list and/or on the current FT list.
  • Employees with permanent employment as well as temporary employees with a main position at NHH, including PhDs and postdocs, are eligible for a publication bonus. Retired NHH employees are also covered by the scheme. In addition, adjunct professors at NHH are entitled to a bonus if the article states that NHH is credited equally with their main institution (e.g., SSB and NHH) and she/he has a co-author fully employed at NHH.
  • The Vice Rector of Research shall consider publications that are not regular articles in the journals for any bonus payment. This applies to "comments", "notes", "shorter papers", and the like. Publications of this type can be awarded full, half or no bonus.
  • A sole author will receive the whole bonus.  If a publication has more than one author and all authors are employed by NHH, bonuses are distributed evenly amongst them. If an article has more than one author, and only one of these authors is employed at NHH, the bonus is divided by the number of authors, and the NHH employee given his/her share. Any co-authors not employed by NHH will not receive a bonus.
  • Payment is made by documentation of the publication and on condition that NHH is referred to as the affiliation of the author.
  • Bonus per publication is set at NOK 100 000, - for publications in journals which appear on both on the NHH and FT list; NOK 80 000, - for publications in journals that are only on the NHH list and NOK 20 000, - for publications in a journal on the FT list but that is not on NHH's bonus list.
  • Revision of the list is done every three years, being the next update by the end of 2019. Any changes to the list shall not have retroactive effect on already submitted contributions. An article for a journal that was on the bonus list on submission, but later removed from the list, entitles you to a publication bonus.