Series as publication channel

Series as publication channel

ISSN-series as publisher

The Cristin guidelines state the following:

“For serial publications, the primary ISSN-title is defined as the publication channel (not the publisher)”

This small sentence could have some impact on the points your publication can receive.

Scientific levels

As the scientific levels are firmly situated in the researcher’s minds, some choose to publish a given place partly due to the scientific level awarded in the Cristin-system.
A publisher on level 2, however, is not always a guarantee that you monograph or chapter will receive the envisioned number of points, even if all the scientificness-boxes has been ticked!

Many publishing houses publish series as well as books, a series is a range of books, each with its own editorials and authorships. Sometimes series-publications are from within the same subject field, but they need not to be. The easiest way of spotting the series, is that the book uses both an ISSN-number and an ISBN-number.

Implications for NHH

The obvious implication is that you do not get the number of points you thought you would get. Make sure that the series-details are added in Cristin if you see that the book is using both an ISSN-number and an ISBN-number – or maybe it has got “series” printed on the front somewhere.

A normal chapter/part of an anthology will normally give 0,7 points (level 1, 1 author) – if the book belongs to a series that is registered into the Cristin system, it will count as a journal article; 1 point! Of course the opposite is also the case; any series NOT registered in the Cristin system will give you exactly 0 points, instead of the expected 0,7

Make sure that you register new series in the standard form before November 30!