Reporting DOI-publications

Reporting DOI-publications

How to report not-yet published articles (DOI-publications)

The documentation for the reporting of 2011-publications, stated the following:

“…in cases as such, the electronic version should normally be used as a base for the reporting, if this version is identifiable by DOI” (translated from Norwegian)


The main reason for this change in the regulations is that the NVI-system also includes the research done at health institutions. The norm for these institutions is to regard the date of accessibility as the publication date, not the “print” date.

The DOI is a permanent link that will follow the publication through its life – thus Cristin regards this as a fully published article, even if details such as number and issue is not ready.

How it is done at NHH

  • Any publication with co-authors affiliated with a Norwegian health institution, should be registered with the date of accessibility as the publication date. Typical iFirst, online First etc. should be registered with the year they became accessible
  • Publications with pure NHH-affiliation can also be registered this way, but you can also wait until the full details are present
  • DOI-only publications will appear in the Cristin database without complete bibliographics (missing page numbers, issue, number)
  • The DOI-only registration will be changed/updated when the full details are available. Already reported publications will not be reported twice.

Note: only publications containing a valid DOI can be registered and reported “before publication”.