Publication indicator

Publication indicator

Change in the publication-indicator.

As of 2015, the following change in the calculation of publication points has been introduced:

  • The Author Share is replaced by the square root of the same number
  • Publications with international co-authors are weighted by a factor of 1,3

These changes have effect from the 2015-data onwards.  Any changes in the points-output for NHH will first show in the 2017 budget, which is based on the figures reported in April 2016. No changes are made concerning the two levels of scientific publications

Square root of author share

Example: 10 authors from Institution X, 1 author from Institution Y

Previous points allotted – journal article level 1:
1*10/11 + 1*1/11 = 0,91 Points (X) + 0,009 Points (Y) = 1 Point total

Points allotted – new procedure – journal article level 1:
1*√10/11 + 1*√1/11 = 0,95 Points (X) + 0,30 Points (Y) = 1,25 Points total

International Co-authors

Publications within the area of hospital research have historically used a system giving them positive weightings on international publications.  The HEIs have not used this kind of system until now; once we introduce a unified system for all Norwegian research.

From 2015 onwards, publications with at least one author affiliated with an international institution, will be weighted positively by a factor of 1,3.


The Evaluation report published in 2015 [reference] indicated that the old publication indicator showed some weaknesses in cross-subject comparisons. The current changes will facilitate such comparisons, and thus render the model better suited as a national system.

It is predicted that the introduction of square-root author shares together with the positive weighting of international publication, will even out the production of publication points across the different subjects.

Another predicted effect is that the more difficult reading of points-per-person, will effectively halt the practice of using the publication-points model as a micro-management system internally in the institutions.  The model was originally designed as a macro-level tool only.

Further, the introduction of square root author shares will render the practice of adding multiple authors on a single publications, useless.  The example above shows that adding more local authors will not change the output in publication points significantly.


The change outlined here will not lead to any changes in the procedures already adopted by NHH; every single author is still responsible for making sure that her publications are duly registered in Cristin.