The rehabilitation project

The rehabilitation project

NHH's main building is going to be rehabilitated. The project is now in the design development phase.

The vision for NHH's buildings is a future-oriented and vibrant campus which enables students and employees to deliver research and education at a high international level.

FLExible - Future oriented - user friendly - unifying

TV news from 1963 when NHH moved from the city centre to Sandviken. Made by NRK (in Norwegian).

Project Director Anne Line Grepne talks about the rehabilitation project.

Important dates ahead

May-June 2017: Establishing various user groups for specific areas

June 2017-2018: Design development phase

Autumn 2018: The project goes to the Government/parliament (Stortinget)

Winter 2018-2019: Coordinated design phase

15 April 2019: Moving out of the Main Building and subsequent start of the construction phase. Moving out of the lower buildings will probably take place later.

2020-2021: Moving into the upgraded facilities!

Goals for the rehabilitation

The infrastructure of NHH is to be of such standard that it contributes to the high ambitions of the institution: 

  • more efficient and flexible use of the area
  • better working environment
  • better indoor climate
  • reduced operating costs
  • improved energy efficiency
  • positive effects on interaction across departmental and office boundaries
  • improved working processes
  • facilitate for modern teaching forms
  • facilities which build culture and pride


Statsbygg: project responsible
Origo: architect
Sweco: technical advisers

Project-/user group

In the design concept phase the group consisted of the following:

During the design development phase, all affected employees will be involved in the user processes. Different user groups for specific areas will be established in May. A sub-committee under the Working Environment Committee (AMU) was established in April.