The rehabilitation project

The rehabilitation project

NHH's main building is going to be rehabilitated. The project is now in the design development phase.

The vision for NHH's buildings is a future-oriented and vibrant campus which enables students and employees to deliver research and education at a high international level.

FLExible - Future oriented - user friendly - unifying

Important dates
Winter 2018-2019 Coordinated design phase
March 2019 Moving to Merino
5 April 2019 Last day of teaching in the main building
22 APRIL 2019 Construction phase starts
1 January 2021 Moving into the upgraded facilities!
  • News


    Who is going where during the rehabilitation? 21 November 2018
    The rector's team has now decided which units will move to the Merinobygget building, and which will be moving relocated in Helleveien. FIN, RRR and FOR will be located on the first, second and third floors in Merinobygget, respectively.

    User groups are established, 15 May 2017
    Two of the user groups for the rehabilitation of NHH's buildings are now established: one with representatives from the departments and one for the centralised part of the administration. NHH's Working Environment Committe established a subgroup recently, and the Student Association's user group has started their work.

    The persuit of perfect offices, 24 April 2017
    This week there will be several workshops on NHH's future office space. "We encourage all employees at NHH to attend. This is something that concerns everyone", says Anne Line Grepne.

    "Good value for money", (video) 24 February 2017
    On 9 February 2017, the Board adopted a plan for the renovation of the main building dating from 1963. The interior and exterior of the high-rise building will undergo a full upgrade and new technical systems will be installed, in addition to a number of other measures to facilitate increased cooperation and interaction and more flexible use of the premises.

    Concept design process for upgrades underway, 29 August 2016
    The work on the coming upgrades of the oldest NHH buildings has started. Origo Arkitektgruppe AS won the concept design contract.

    A future-oriented, unifying and vibrant campus, 19 February 2016
    Flexible, future-oriented solutions will ensure more efficient use of space as NHH embarks on renovations.

  • This is decided

    This is decided

    • Full rehabilitation of the tower block, and of the roofs and outer walls of the lower parts and the Aula. Energy efficient - close up to passive house standard.

    • A number of measures to increase interaction, efficient and flexible use of the area, solutions for the future.

    • Emphasis on cost efficient solutions which give great improvements. The basement will be kept unchanged with exception of necessary technical measures.


    • A new 'heart and lobby close to the main entrance 
     - New service centre by the lobby
     - Move the book store and convert it to a book café

    • Existing student expedition (extension from the 1980s) is to be removed.

    • Only employees in areas that are affected, will have to move out.

    • The whole ground floor of the Main building: New, representative meeting pool and teaching/interaction area.


    • The administration will be co-located at the ground floor towards the entrance square outside.
    • The departments located in the Tower Block, will be located there also in the future. 
    • The 8th floor is planned as unutilized – for future expansion, projects etc. The board meeting room will be kept.
  • Presentations

  • Steering committee

    Steering committee

    Statsbygg: owner
    Hent: main contractor
    Origo: architect

  • Project-/User Group

    Project-/User Group

    In the design concept phase the group consists of the following: