IT support

IT support

IT support at NHH is primarly conducted through the service portal

Follow the link below and log in to the service portal using your standard NHH credentials. Once inside, you will find user guides and more.

If you need support, please send an email to

This will automatically generate a request in the helpdesk-system, and you will receive an email with a request ID. You can track your requests in the service portal under "My requests."

Tip: Be presise in the subject field when you email the helpdesk. This becomes the name of the request in the service portal.

If urgent: Call user support directly.

Contact us

(+47) 55 95 96 06
  • Scam emails

    Scam emails

    In spite of NHH's spamfilters, some scam emails pass through. Please follow these recommendations to avoid problems.

    • Be very careful of emails asking you to provide personal information. NHH will never ask you to provide such information. 
    • Poor language (Norwegian/English) is a sign that an email may be scam. Scammers are becoming ever more professional, and many fake emails look very authentic. 
    • When in doubt, do not open the email: Delete it.
    • If you do happen to open a scam email, contact the IT Section immediately.
    • If you receive unpleasant or harassing e-mails, report immediately to your leader or the IT Section.


    IT Section: 55 95 96 06 or