New management model at NHH

New management model at NHH

Here is information about the processes of employing our new Rector and about our new management model.


  • Facts


    • NHH goes from dual management to unitary management after a historic decision by the Board in June 2016. 
    • Unitary management means that the Rector is the academic and administrative head of NHH.
    • The appointed Rector can be recruited from NHH or from outside of NHH. 
    • The external Chair of the Board is appointed by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research.
    • The Rector is appointed by the Board. 
    • The Rector is the Board's secretary.
    • The position is for a fixed term of four years with the possibility for maximum two periods. 
  • Working group committee

    Working group committee

    • Frøystein Gjesdal, Rector (leader)
    • Nina Skage, Managing Director 
    • Frode Sættem, Head of Department 
    • Siri Pettersen Strandenes, Head of Department 
    • Sigrid-Lise Nonås, leader Forskerforbundet 
    • Embla Belsvik, student
  • Committee for students and academic affairs

    Committee for students and academic affairs


  • Applicants for the rector position

    Applicants for the rector position

    • Tor Wallin Andreassen, b. 1955
    • Øystein Thøgersen, b. 1964
    • Karin Thorburn, b. 1964
    • Aksel Mjøs, b. 1964
    • Man (exempt from public disclosure)
    • Woman (exempt from public disclosure).
  • Nominating committee

    Nominating committee



  • News about new management model

    News about new management model

    Here you'll find a collection of our news articles on the processes of NHH's new management model and employing a new Rector, from Paraplyen and

    These are our new Board members (8 June 2017)
    Tor W. Andreassen, Mette Bjørndal, Frode Sættem, Malin Arve and Marita Kristiansen have been elected to the NHH Board. This is the result after the election of internal Board members that has been carried through the last two days.

    NHH appoints a Deputy Rector for innovation (8 June 2017)
    Therese E. Sverdrup will be Deputy Rector for Innovation and Development in Rector Øystein Thøgersen’s new team. Linda Nøstbakken will be the new Deputy Rector for Education.

    New management model (22 May 2017)
    The working committee for new management model has now finalised their report about the administrative organisation. The report is circulated for comments. Please submit you comments on 24 May 2017, at the latest. Here's a summary of the report.

    Organisation under a deputy rector for education (5 April 2017)
    The committee that was appointed to look at the organisation under a deputy rector for education, has now completed their report. Their suggestions include dissolving the Bachelor Programme Board, the Master Programme Board, the International Committee and the Pedagogical Board, among other things. Read the committee's summary and conclusion.

    Øystein Thøgersen new Rector (6 March 207)
    The Board has appointed Professor Øystein Thøgersen as NHH's new Rector. He enters the position on 1 August 2017. The rector position is a fixed-term appointment for four years. Øystein Thøgersen is currently a Professor at the Department of Economics at NHH.

    Kari Olrud Moen appointed chair of NHH's board (3 February 2017)
    Kari Olrud Moen (b. 1969) has been appointed as the next chairperson of the board at NHH Norwegian School of Economics. When she takes up the position in August, she will be the first external person and the first woman to head NHH’s board.

    Processes on student and academic affairs (4 January 2017)
    A committee has now been appointed to look at how things can be organised under a deputy rector for education. The committee, which is chaired by Associate Professor Iver Bragelien, held its first meeting on 14 December 2016.

    All Rector candidates interviewed (13 December 2016)
    All six applicants for the position as Rector at NHH will be interviewed this week. "We have strong internal and external applicants", and I am very pleased with the list of applicants, says Aase Lundgaard.

    Six applicants for Rector position (8 December 2016)
    Six people have applied for the position as NHH Rector.

    The Rector's job advertised (14 November 2016)
    Work is also under way on a proposal to reorganise how the rector and vice-rectors work. The position of rector was advertised on Friday, with 1 December as the closing date for applications. It is a fixed-term appointment for four years.

    Appointed Rector and external Chair of the Board (9 June 2016)
    NHH is changing its management model from elected to appointed Rector and external Chair of the Board. This was decided by the NHH Board today.

    Information meeting for all faculty (23 May 2016)
    The Rector invites all NHH faculty to a meeting to discuss the NHH governance structure ahead of the deadline for submitting comments to the Board which is 26 May.

    Appointed Rector and External Chair (11 May 2016)
    The committee appointed to discuss the two alternative management models, is divided in its final conclusion with regard to which of the two models will be most suitable for NHH.


  • NHH's Organisation

    NHH's Organisation

    This is how NHH was organised  with a dual management (2016):

    The working group's draft for NHH's organisation with a unitary management (10 May 2017) (in Norwegian):

    The coming rector's suggestion for NHH's new organisation with a unitary management from 1 August 2017 (in Norwegian):