Language resources

Language resources

  • Writing tips

    Writing tips

    Use clear and good language in everything you write.

    • Tailor the text to the channel/medium and target group. Write for the target group: what do they know about this topic already? Do not assume anything. The tone of your text must therefore be tailored to the situation the user is in when reading the text. Ensure that insider-speak and jargon do not get in the way of the reader understanding the text.
    • Choose a language depending on the target group (Norwegian or English). If the text is in Norwegian, use the correct form of Norwegian (Bokmål or Nynorsk). Follow the Language Act.
    • Use up-to-date language and explain foreign words, specialist terms and abbreviations.
    • Create a meaningful headline and introduction that captivate the reader.
    • Get the main point across early in the text.
    • Structure the text clearly. Use paragraphs, subheadings and bullet points so that it is easy for the reader to get oriented in the text.
    • Use verbs rather than nouns.
    • Use active constructions. Passive formulations easily obfuscate roles and responsibilities.
    • Use dictionaries and proofread. Look up words in your dictionary, run a spell check and consider having a colleague read the text through for you.
  • Translation and proofreading

    Translation and proofreading

    Does your text need translation or proofreading? Contact the person responsible for procurement of services and products at your Department to book.

    NHH has a framework agreement with the translation company Allegro for translation and proofreading.

    The framework agreement is to cover NHH's need for professional translations and proofreading with a high academic standard for documents with text and contents using various terminology within administration, teaching and research.

    The contact person in Allegro provides price offers for each job.

    Public Procurement (Paraplyen)

  • Language courses

    Language courses

    Do you want to improve your Norwegian? NHH offers language courses for faculty and administrative staff.


    The Department of Professional and Intercultural Communication offers Norwegian courses for foreign staff and their partners. The courses are only open for students and faculty (and faculty's partners) at NHH. 

    There are three levels:



    Norwegian on the Web – free online Norwegian course


    The Department of Professional and Intercultural Communication offers courses in academic writing i English for PhD Candidates: Academic writing in a research setting. The course gives you 2,5 study points.