Committes at NHH

Committes at NHH

Do you read Norwegian and want to stay informed about what issues the committees at NHH discuss? Go to this page in Norwegian and read the agendas and protocols.


Academic Committee 

Head: Linda Nøstbakken
Secretary: Johanne Vaagland,
Office of Student and Academic Affairs

Research Committee

Head: Kenneth Fjell
Secretary: Heidi van Wageningen,
Office of Research Administration 

Working Environment Committee 

  Head: Per Manne
Secretary: Eli Winther,
Office of Human Resources

Learning Environment Committee 

Head: Therese Sverdrup
Secretary: Brigt Ove Teigen,
Office of Student and Academic Affairs

Works Council 

Head: Øystein Thøgersen
Secretary: Kristine Milch, 
Office of Human Resources

more agendas and protocols

Do you want to see the documents and protocols from more meetings? Go to P360 and search for the committee you're interested in (in Norwegian).

If you're outside of NHH, please log in to VPN/Pulse Secure before you log in to P360.