Principles for internal communication

Principles for internal communication

You have the responsibility to keep yourself informed through the various channels and to communicate internally about issues that you are in charge of. Leaders have special responsibilities for communicating.

An open internal communication, both within each unit and between departments, centres, offices and sections, contributes to good work processes. This strengthens the prerequisites for NHH to reach its overarching goals.

One of NHH's basic principles is to inform employees and students before providing information externally. This is because good internal communication forms the basis for good external communication. In change processes and other important issues, we prepare action plans for internal communications.

Both managers and employees are responsible for good communication. Responsibility for an issue includes responsibility for providing information. This means that whoever is in charge of an issue is also responsible for providing information internally.

Managers have special responsibilities

Managers therefore have special responsibilities for communicating important decisions and processes to employees in their unit.

At NHH important face-to-face channels include employee meetings at the departments and at the administrative offices, and information meetings for all employees.

Employees' responsibilities

Each employee is responsible for staying informed using the different channels available.

Digital channels

As a supplement to the communication channel that managers represent, NHH has good digital channels for information exchange throughout the organisation.

The "Paraplyen" intranet is the primary information channel for employees. Paraplyen provides basic information that applies to all employees and is a support for the day-to-day work. Paraplyen provides information about the institution and offers knowledge and tools that are helpful in the work situation. You can also get an overview of conferences, seminars and other events put on by NHH.

Minutes and agendas for many of the regular meetings are available to employees in P360 or on Particularly important issues are published in Paraplyen.

NHH only sends emails to all – or to a broad selection of – employees or students in cases requiring special attention.

The main channel for digital communication with students about study-related issues is the learning support platform Canvas.