How to reach the students with information

How to reach the students with information

Below you will find a list of available channels and how to proceed when you need to reach the students.

Before you start, please consider:

  1. For whom is this information important? All students, some classes, or only a specific group of students? Is it valid for a long or a short period? Select channel according to this.
  2. Remember that the students receive a lot of information. The more information, the greater the chance that important information goes unnoticed. Please help preventing information overload.
  3. In Norwegian, English or both? 

Information channels 

  • Canvas


    Canvas is the students’ «intranet» and their main source for news and information concerning their studies, i.e. announcements about information meetings, student assistant positions, surveys and practical arrangements. In other words, you reach the students on Canvas. But keep in mind point 2 above; there is always the risk of too much information, so keep it short.

    You can also use Canvas to send messages to specific classes.

    Tip: Make sure titles are short and descriptive, so the readers understand what the message is about without having to click into it.

    Contact: Arild Schanke, Section for quality assurance

  • NHH.NO


    At the For students section at the information is mostly static and is not updated on a daily basis. The students use to find specific information, not to look for news updates.

    The web site is therefore best suited for information that lasts, or information connected to content that the students already are visiting. An example: if you are organising an information meeting about exchange, you may publish information about this on the exchange pages. Then you will reach the students that have already started to examine the possibilities for exchange. If you wish to reach a broader audience, you should consider using other channels in addition.

    The calendar on can be used for events that are open to all, or that has public interest.

    Contact: the web publisher at your department/section

    For the calendar, contact: the web editor

  • Info screen outside the Service centre

    Info screen outside the Service centre

    Important information for all students. Application deadlines, information meetings, courses concerning career or handling your studies etc.

    Send photo and text to the Service centre, and they will help with the layout.

    Contact: Hilde Vik, the Service centre

  • Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat

    Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat

    NHH’s official Social Media channels are primarily used for content that is of interest to an external audience, not to communicate with NHH students. In social media, we cannot differentiate between students and other followers. Thus, it is not an effective channel to use when trying to reach the students.

    The exception is Snapchat where the threshold for communicating internal information is lower.

    If you wish to share photos from an event on Instagram, it is important that the photos are of high quality and that you have the required consent. If you have any questions, contact the Office of Communications and Marketing before the event takes place.

    Contact: Randi Melheim, Office of Communications and Marketing

  • Posters and notices

    Posters and notices

    Information about events, campaigns, courses etc. If you want to use the boards by entrance C, in the student corridors and by the Auditorium Terje Hansen, make sure to get a stamp on your posters from the NHHS secretary. The poster pillars under the stairs in the Mirror Hall, the boards outside the Section for International Relations and outside Akademika can be used without a stamp.

    Contact: Unni Egesund, NHHS

    If you are designing your own posters, these have to be sent to the Office of Communications and Marketing for approval.

    Contact: Randi Melheim, Office of Communications and Marketing