Brand Framework

Brand Framework

What makes NHH distinct? NHH’s brand framework describes how we shall be perceived.

NHH's goal is to become an even more renowned educational and research institution, nationally and internationally.

To succeed in this, we have to be communicate clearly.


The brand platform is includes five associations and three personality traits. It describes NHH's desired position and the associations and personal characteristics we are to emphasise in our communication. For young potential students, factors like innovation and social responsibility/ethics is becoming more and more important. Our communication has to reflect this trend.

This is what you can do 

  • Read NHH's brand name platform and the basis for it (in Norwegian).
  • Strive to support NHH's desired associations and personality in your communication.
  • Use NHH's presentation text, visual profile and the tools we have developed, such as PPT templates, websites, posters, branding products, etc. Find the office templates for NHH.
  • Contact the Office of Communications if you will be developing materials or campaigns, and we will help you.
  • Follow NHH in social media and share our stories.
  • All use of NHH's name and logo must be approved by the Office of Communications and be in line with NHH's brand architecture and visual profile.