Do you feel stressed?

Avoid stress

20 October 2020 11:08

Do you feel stressed?

NHH is inviting all employees to a seminar in stress management with clinical psychologist Brynjar Gunnarskog from NHH's occupational health service AktiMed. The English version of the seminar ‘Coping Competence - be a scientist in your own life!’ will take place on Thursday 5 November on Teams.

Time: Thursday 5 November at 09:15-12:15

Participate at the seminar on Teams

seminar goals

You will get insight into coping competence - coping not to cope, coping adversity, expectations and pressure. The seminar will make you more conscious about finding time to explore and challenge yourself in order to have a better everyday life, especially when you experience stressful periods.


  • the difference between coping, proactive coping and coping competence
  • the connection between thoughts, feelings, bodily reactions and behavior
  • how basic assumptions about yourself and the world around you influence how we cope with challenges and adversity
  • how you can change the way you interpret the environment
  • how positive thoughts and previous positive experiences can challenge negative thoughts
  • how you can set aside time to explore and challenge yourself so that you can have a better everyday life in stressful surroundings
  • insight into how you can exercise 'mental emotional training'

Brynjar Gunnarskog has many years of experience both as an organisational psychologist and as a clinical psychologist. Stress and stress management is one of the topics he has had a lot of focus on in recent years, and he has given a number of courses and lectures within the topic.

separate for Ph.D. Research scholars

Ph.D. research scholars will have a separate seminar on 16 November at 10:30-13:30 - please register here.

The seminar will also be in held in Norwegian. 


Please contact HR adviser Eli Winther if you have any queries.

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