Tom Holmstrøm to Admissions

By Astri Kamsvåg

10 January 2020 09:36

Tom Holmstrøm to Admissions

Tom Holmstrøm has started in a permanent position as senior executive officer at the Section for Admissions, Office of Academic and Student Affairs. He will be the section's contact for digital processes and projects.

Tom Holmstrøm

Tom's main responsibilities include admission to the full-time study programmes at bachelor's and master's level, admission to the master's programmes, visiting students, student counselling, recognition of courses and digital processes in the section.

"I am looking forward to becoming better acquainted with NHH as an organization and to guide students who need guiding in the admissions process", says Tom.

"I think it is exciting to change the field of work, and I look forward to embarking on the work with talented colleagues in the admissions section."

"I will be the contact person for digital processes / projects, and it is always interesting to work across offices and departments where good communication and user perspective is an important factor. Although I change my field of work, there are many tasks that have the same approach and the work with anti-money laundering (AHV) in finance can come in handy here as well."  


For the past ten years Tom has worked at Sbanken as technical coordinator, staffing officer, with chores such as risk management, compliance and anti-money laundering.

Previously he worked in a software company called Mohive AS as a technical account manager.  

He has a diverse background and studied Information Technology at the Oslo Metropolitan University.

Ingebjørg Hitland, who doesn't work at NHH any more, had the position before me. 

Section for Admissions

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