Most read internal news 2019

By Astri Kamsvåg, red./ed. Paraplyen

3 January 2020 08:41

Most read internal news 2019

What do you think are the most read internal news articles at NHH in 2019 in English? Do you think we had more or fewer internal news articles last year than the year before? And which of the information pages at Paraplyen do we use the most? Get the answers here.

In 2019 the English version of Paraplyen had approximately 11 100 visits and 24 600 page views. Compared to 2018 this is an increase of almost 30 per cent visits and almost 51 per cent page views.  

Most read internal news articles in 2019

These are the most read internal news articles in English at Paraplyen in 2019 (in sinking order):

All set at Merino

Employees at the Department of Accounting, Auditing and Law, the Department of Business and Management Science and the Department of Finance have now settled in at Merino. The reading room with 60 places is ready for the students.

NHH email signature

Are you in doubt as to the type of font and which version of our logo you should use in your email signature? Use this signature, and make it easier for yourself at the same time as contributing to presenting NHH as an organisation with one identity.

Stripping down NHH

Now it's for real: The rehabilitation of NHH is actually taking place! At the moment it's the inside of the low building that's being torn down, and afterwards it's the main building's turn. This work will continue throughout the summer.

Fancy going to Harvard?

In recent years, 13 faculty members from NHH have participated at Harvard's summer course in pedagogy, the Global Colloquium on Participant-Centered Learning. Are you interested? Grasp the opportunity now!

Bridging theory and work experience

There is no doubt in my mind: Internships abroad are definitely an invaluable opportunity for our students! Testimonials from our bachelor's and master's students in Brazil confirm that this is the way to go for NHH.

Teaching mentor programme

Last week seven faculty members, most of them newcomers at NHH, participated at the first session of the Teaching mentor programme. The goal of this pilot programme is to build teaching competence among new NHH's faculty.

Maximilian Todtenhaupt to FOR

Maximilian Todtenhaupt from Germany is one of the new post doctors at the Department of Business and Management Science, affiliated to the Norwegian Centre for Taxation (NoCeT). The position is for two and a half years.

Election of a Board member from non-tenured faculty

The deadline for nominating candidates is Thursday 23 May. The election takes place in the second week of June. Non-tenured faculty will elect one member and two deputy members to the Board of NHH.

Vote for NHH's mission statement

Four alternative mission statements have been shortlisted based on input from employees, students and the board over the past ten months. Which one do you prefer? Vote for your favourite here.

Geir Berentsen to Business and Management Science

"My reception at NHH has been excellent, and it seems to be a very good environment at NHH both professionally and socially", says the new Norwegian assistant professor at the Department of Business and Management Science.

Some of these articles do not exist in full text in Norwegian, only in English. This increases the number of readers for the English versions. This applies to the following articles on the list above: Fancy going to Harvard?, Bridging theory and work experience, Teaching mentor programme, Maximilian Todtenhaupt to FOR and Geir Berentsen to Business and Management Science.

increase in news articles

360 internal news articles were published in Norwegian and English in total in 2019. This is an avage of 7 articles per week. This is one hundred articles more than the year before and is an increase of 41 per cent.

The highest increase in per cent is in the number of internal news articles in English: from 86 articles in 2018 to 169 articles in 2019. This gives an increase of 57 per cent and an average per week of 2.6 news articles.  

When it comes to internal news articles in Norwegian, the increase is from 169 in 2018 to 225 in 2019, which equals 33 per cent. Per week we had an average of 4.3 internal news articles in Norwegian last year.

Short messages published in the gray area at the top of the Paraplyen front page are not included.

NORwegian and english News

The list of the most visited internal news articles in English look different to the Norwegian list. There are various reasons for this. One reason is that some news articles exist in full text only in English. These have only a short referral version in Norwegian. The result is that these English articles get more readers than they had if they existed in full text in both languages.

Another difference between the Norwegian and the English internal news is that some articles exist in Norwegian only. These are mainly articles about upcoming meetings which take place in Norwegian such as the NHH board, committees and management meetings.


From August 2019 also technical / administrative employees have been presented in English at Paraplyen. Up to then they have been presented only in Norwegian.  

Vacant positions at NHH are no longer published at Paraplyen. In stead we have established a shortcut from the front page of Paraplyen to the Vacant positions page at 

INFORMAtion pages

These were the information pages with the most visits at the English Paraplyen in 2019: 

1. Search
2. Research support (exists only in English)
3. Internal news 
4. Work support for faculty
5. NHH publication bonus
6. Travel and expenses
7. Teaching and learning lab (exists only in English)
8. The rehabilitation project
9. Registration for autumn party (deleted)
10. For administration

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