Vote for NHH's mission statement

By Linda Nøstbakken

18 September 2019 11:59

Vote for NHH's mission statement

Four alternative mission statements have been shortlisted based on input from employees, students and the board over the past ten months. Which one do you prefer? Vote for your favourite here.

Vote for your favourite today and by Monday 23 September at noon, at the latest. 

Everyone who votes, gets an NHH t-shirt with the new mission statement on!

The process

We started the process in the townhall meeting in November 2018, where we asked participants to share what they associate with NHH.

Next, in February 2019, there was a workshop with faculty and staff from all parts of the organization, and a group of students. The 36 workshop participants worked creatively in teams, and produced a list of possible new mission statements.

In March, we challenged all departments, administrative units and the students - everyone in the NHH organization - to build on the material we had to come up with a new mission statement for NHH. Several units and individuals submitted proposals for a new mission statement.

Why a revision?

There are at least two reasons for revising our mission statement now:

  1. First, to strengthen the NHH culture and try to leverage the power of a strong mission statement.

  2. Second, because AACSB cares about it. Last year, they said the following in a letter to us: "The school should review its mission statement to ensure that distinctive aspects are emphasized and highlighted in it." This is our current task, but the goal is not to redefine who we are, but rather to refine our mission statement and reinforce NHH's mission in the organization. 

Saksfremlegg til styret september 2019 'mission statement' (pdf)

Mission statement workshop

"This was very useful! We are definetely a huge step closer to formulating NHH's mission statement", says Deputy Rector Linda Nøstbakken after yesterday's workshop where 35 dedicated employees and students participated.

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