Teaching mentor programme

By Astri Kamsvåg

27 September 2019 09:47

Teaching mentor programme

Last week seven faculty members, most of them newcomers at NHH, participated at the first session of the Teaching mentor programme. The goal of this pilot programme is to build teaching competence among new NHH's faculty.

"I really believe in this", says senior adviser Frank Mortensen at the Section for Quality Assurance.

"I think this is a wise way to build teaching competence among new faculty. It's important that newcomers get a head start at teaching. During the two years the programme lasts, the participants will build a teaching portfolio which will be important for them in their pedagogical development and when applying for fixed academic positions.


From the left: Mateusz Mysliwski, Geir Drage Berentsen, Haiying Jia, Siri Isaksson, Ivan Belik, Simone Traini and Mohammad Mardan. Ivar Kolstad was not present.

Win win

Being part of the teaching mentor programme is not only  beneficiary to the mentees.

"I'm convinced that our experienced professors who have the role as mentors, also will get something out of it. I'm convinced that mentoring will as well enhance the mentors' reflection upon their own teaching. 


The participants in deep concentration.


Lasse Lien (SOL) is mentor for Ivan Belik
Finn Kinserdal (RRR) is mentor for Simone Traini and Ivar Kolstad
Øystein Gjerde (FOR) is mentor for Haiying Jia
Guttorm Schjelderup (FOR) is mentor for Mohammed Mardan
Jan Ubøe (FOR) is mentor for Geir Drage Berentsen
Frode Steen (SAM) is mentor for Mateusz Mysliwski
Alexander Cappelen (SAM) is mentor for Siri Isaksson


  • Appointment of a teaching mentor for each new faculty member which meets and observes the mentee
  • One day of information on teaching tools and administrative processes
  • One day of pedagogical boot camp first semester
  • One day workshop after a year
  • Documentation and reflections in a teaching portfolio

The teaching mentor programme

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